Mia Blow interaktive VR Game

New Content with Mia Blow – an interactive Game to enjoy and have fun

VR Game Adult Mia Blow

After our game featuring Micky Muffin we now have released a new one with Mia Blow.
It is slightly different from the sweaty sports challenge – we would say it´s more fun and giggles.

Meet Mia in her hotel room while she stays in Berlin. She invited you over after meeting you at a bar. So chances are good she likes you.
Also she bought a kinky card game of truth or dare and wants to try it out.
Each of you draw cards and both have fun answering the questions and acting out the dares.

In the end if everything goes well you will have 3 cards left to choose from and each one leads to a very interesting ending of the evening. So it´s worth to give it a try…

Here is the link to the game on VR Porn (needs a subscription) – Click here for the interactive game.
Good thing is – this game can also be played on a 2D screen like computer, Tablet, Smartphone.

Give it a try. It´s fun.